The Industry Leader In The Construction And Installation Of Communication Facilities
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Who We Are

With local divisions in several markets across the Western United States, BACOM leads the industry in the delivery of reliable telecom infrastructure.

We offer a wide portfolio of services for the design, installation, construction, maintenance and testing of wireless communication facilities. With a reputation for safe, high-quality, and on-time work, we are the trusted partner of a customer base that includes all of the major wireless carriers, tower companies, and construction management firms.


What We Do

Construction, installation and maintenance of wireless telecommunications equipment and systems including power systems, antenna arrays, concealment, transmission equipment, microwave radio systems, facility infrastructure, and grounding systems.

Construction, design, and integration of Central Office Switching Facilities.

Maintenance, integration and testing for a variety of wireless telecommunications equipment and facilities. 


Who We Serve

We are a trusted partner to all of the major wireless carriers, construction management firms, and tower companies in the United States.