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Architecture, and Turnkey Construction


BACOM provides architecture and turnkey construction for microwave, cellular, and PCS technologies. Our team of experienced, highly-trained professionals will work with clients to ensure a safely completed project that is on time and within budget.

Metro PCS
41 Cell Sites in Los Angeles/Ventura County Complete or Under Construction
Telecommunications Switch Room for Metro PCS Los Angeles Market

Cricket Communications
Switch Expansion in Houston, Texas includes civil and EF&I
Various Cell Site Builds in Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego, El Paso, Fresno Complete or Under Construction

Verizon Wireless
Various Cell Site Builds in California and Nevada under construction
New Mexico EVDO Project and Site Maintenance
Audits of Alltel Sites for Verizon Aquisition


Various Cell Site builds in Northern and Southern California under construction

Site Maintenance in Fresno
Various Cell Site builds in California, New Mexico, and Utah
BBU DC power upgrade and backup
Microwave upgrades and swap outs

Multiple UMTS, LTE (2C, 3C, 4C, 5C), AWS, PCS and WCS sites in Northern California