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Quality and Safety Training


•BACOM staffs a fully dedicated corporate safety manager that visits each office monthly. In addition, each office has an appointed safety officer that reports directly to the safety manager that coordinates the documentation of incidents and near miss incidents along with any site or customer specific safety requirements.  BACOM maintains in-house training personnel that are certified to train: Comtrain, RF safety, CPR/First aid/AED, and Osha 10/30.  Each divisional safety officer does random visits to job sites regularly and completes in house documentation that is reviewed with each office's GM and management team along with the corporate safety manager to try and improve our safety practices. 

•Each crew is required to turn in a daily safety meeting agenda and hazard assessments noting every day’s workload and issues that may arise onsite so they can be prevented beforehand.    We require and enforce random Drug/Alcohol screening.  Each office is required to hold a weekly all hands safety meeting that includes any issues that came up the prior week or affect the industry in general and also to let everyone have an open door to discuss any issues that they would like to address moving forward.      

   As well as a dedication to ensuring a well-trained work force, BACOM has also implemented an internal Quality Assurance Program (also based upon the ISO 9000 requirements). This program includes the following policies:

  • Two QA Managers to internally audit all applicable projects for compliance and to mentor installation teams in proper installation practices  to ensure the utmost in quality.
  • Audit Documentation to reflect all defects and status of installation (Conforming or Non-conforming). Audit results are given to installation team for clearance and assigned a timeline in order to ensure that this is completed.
  • All audits are distributed internally to all Managers and Installers  so that recurring defects can be indicated and used as a training tool for compliance by our teams.
  • Installers are graded on the number of Conforming and Non-conforming audits that they have within a 6-month period.  Additional training is implemented for any that do not pass this criteria.
  • Implemented a Training Manual based upon the practices of the ISO 9000, as well as an internal training procedure for our installation Teams.
  • Each employee is put through Customer and Vendor required training programs to allow them to be the best at installation of the equipment they install. 
  • We also have our own in house training programs to enforce quality standards, and efficiency on the site.  An employee is promoted based on their demonstration of efficiency of each item they are  trained in.
  • All training is logged and tracked to ensure that our installers are properly placed by skill level for both basic and advanced installation applications. This includes all aspects as required by our customers well as by our industry. We include Haz-Mat and Safety training, as well as equipment-specific training for our advanced installers.